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It’s never just a website. It’s so much more.  It represents your business 24/7. It is an online sales rep that never sleeps or a secretary that provides information to your potential clients around the clock. It needs to represent your brand and your company beautifully and professionally. It’s an extension of you and  your business.

The Challenge

We started with a one-page template that the client wanted to redo.  He provided a few examples of competitors websites that he liked and from there we began to sculpt.  We removed the junk and defined the brand. We added strong imagery and fonts to enhance the look and feel.  We wanted to show we meant business but at the same time offer a usable interface that invited the user to explore the website. In the end, we merged art with function. We absolutely love the new website and hope you do to.

The Solution

Sometimes the solution isnt always evident when we first set out. Sometimes you don’t know you have a solution until you finish and step back and look.  We went through several reiterations of the website, always seeking to make it simpler and more beautiful. We resourced many websites to see how they achieved simplicity and beauty and added those features. It was as if we let the website build itself.

Conceptual Design Samples

Mobile Mockup

Browser Mockup

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Buy Lorazepam 0.5 Mg